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11-28-21 polizeiruf 110 (herz & krause) [W]: kleine frau [W] ard mediathek
11-23-21 polizeiruf 110 (lenski & krause) [W]: käfer und prinzessin [W] ard mediathek
11-21-21 tatort dresden [W]: wer jetzt allein ist [W] ard mediathek
11-20-21 tatort köln [W]: kartenhaus [W] ard mediathek
11-19-21 polizeiruf 110 (rosenbaum & krause) [W]: bei klingelzeichen mord [W] ard mediathek
11-18-21 tatort dortmund [W]: auf ewig dein [W] ard mediathek
11-14-21 tatort berlin (rubin & karow) [W]: die kalten und die toten [W] ard mediathek
11-14-21 polizeiruf 110 (lenski & krause) [W]: wolfsland [W] ard mediathek
11-13-21 tatort münchen [W]: dreams [W] ard mediathek
11-8-21 the future of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy
(rick doblin [W] @ ted, vancouver, bc, april 2019)
11-4-21 bo burnham: inside [W] netflix
11-4-21 pack stock center of excellence (forest service 10/28/2020) youtube
11-3-21 polizeiruf 110 magdeburg [W]: tod einer toten [W] ard mediathek

acorn woodpecker (east bay regional park district 3/16/2021)

11-2-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: bevor es dunkel wird [W] ard mediathek
10-30-21 tatort münchen [W]: der finger [W] ard mediathek
10-29-21 hereditary [W] amazon prime video
10-28-21 this video will make you angry (cgp grey 3/10/2015)
i rented a helicopter to settle a physics debate (veritasium 10/27/2021)
10-25-21 midsommar [W] amazon prime video
10-21-21 tatort weimar [W]: der höllische heinz [W] ard mediathek
10-20-21 this robot walks, flies, skateboards, slacklines (veritasium 10/16/2021)
the axolotl salamander doesn't wanna grow up (deep look 7/13/2021)
10-20-21 tatort göttingen [W]: das verschwundene kind [W] ard mediathek
10-18-21 tatort dresden [W]: unsichtbar [W] ard mediathek
10-18-21 sticky [W] (jilli rose / bespoke animation) vimeo
10-16-21 tatort wien [W]: zwischen den fronten [W] ard mediathek
10-14-21 dave chappelle: the closer [W] netflix
10-13-21 tatort kiel [W]: borowski und der gute mensch [W] ard mediathek
10-12-21 tatort kiel [W]: borowski und die rückkehr des stillen gastes [W] ard mediathek
10-12-21 tatort kiel [W]: borowski und der stille gast [W] ard mediathek
10-10-21 tatort wiesbaden [W]: das dorf [W] ard mediathek
10-10-21 tatort köln [W]: ohnmacht [W] ard mediathek
10-6-21 cgp grey [W]:
this video will make you angry (3/10/2015)
cgp grey was wrong (8/11/2020)
the law you won't be told (2/12/2014)
10-4-21 tatort wiesbaden [W]: es lebe der tod [W] ard mediathek
veritasium [W]:
how an infinite hotel ran out of room (5/10/2021) [W]
the illusion only some people can see (12/31/2020) [W]
why no one has measured the speed of light (10/31/2020) [W]
clickbait is unreasonably effective (8/17/2021) [W]
the simplest math problem no one can solve (7/30/2021) [W]
the surprising secret of synchronization (3/31/2021) [W]
these pools help support half the people on earth (1/27/2021) [W]
these are the asteroids to worry about (11/30/2020) [W]
my life story (6/18/2018)
how hidden technology transformed bowling (9/25/2021) [W]
this equation will change how you see the world (1/29/2020) [W]
why you should want driverless cars on roads now (7/23/2021) [W]
why trees are out to get you (10/25/2019)
the biggest myth in education (7/9/2021) [W]
chaos: the science of the butterfly effect (12/6/2019) [W]
our greatest delusion (8/18/2015)
the illusion of truth (7/21/2016)
can you solve this shadow illusion? (6/13/2011)
the most common cognitive bias (2/24/2014)
this particle breaks time symmetry (12/12/2017) [W]
post-truth: why facts don't matter anymore (12/20/2016)
can humans sense magnetic fields? (3/18/2019) [W]
the discovery that transformed pi (3/16/2021)
10-2-21 polizeiruf 110 münchen (von meuffels) [W]: kinderparadies [W] ard mediathek
10-1-21 your dna is already in a database (veritasium [W] 9/30/2021) youtube
9-30-21 the medical test paradox, and redesigning bayes' rule
(3blue1brown [W] 12/22/2020)
9-29-21 tatort (falke & lorenz) [W]: frohe ostern, falke [W] ard mediathek
9-26-21 we're experiencing an empathy shortage, but we can fix it together
(jamil zaki, ted x marin, september 2017)
9-26-21 whales in a changing ocean [youtube] only.one
9-25-21 tatort münchen [W]: der wüstensohn [W] ard mediathek
9-25-21 the danger of a single story (chimamanda ngozi adichie [W], ted, july 2009) youtube
9-23-21 play-to-earn: nft gaming in the philippines [W] (5/13/2021) youtube
9-22-21 tatort köln [W]: der reiz des bösen [W] ard mediathek
9-21-21 tatort köln [W]: franziska [W] ard mediathek
dark [W] - season 1, episodes 6 - 10 netflix
9-17-21 montenegro erleben (hr), ein film von nina heins und jonas weinhold ard mediathek
9-16-21 tatort stuttgart [W]: in eigener sache [W] ard mediathek
9-14-21 verifiable delay functions (ben fisch, stanford cyber initiative 1/30/2018)
zero knowledge proof (numberphile2 with avi wigderson [W] 2/9/2021)
sat to 3color (albert r. meyer [W] 10/26/2017)
9-13-21 tatort frankfurt (sänger) [W]: waffenschwestern [W] ard mediathek
9-12-21 veritasium:
the universe is hostile to computers (8/31/2021) [W]
why gravity is not a force (10/9/2020) [W]
9-11-21 tatort münster [W]: zwischen den ohren [W] ard mediathek
9-10-21 tatort münchen [W]: kleine herzen [W] ard mediathek
9-8-21 tatort berlin (rubin & karow) [W]: der gute weg [W] ard mediathek
9-6-21 polizeiruf 110 münchen (eyckhoff) [W]: bis mitternacht [W] ard mediathek
9-5-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: unter uns [W] ard mediathek
9-2-21 tatort hamburg (cenk batu) [W]: leben gegen leben [W] ard mediathek
9-1-21 veritasium: a physics prof bet me $10,000 i'm wrong (6/30/2021) [W] youtube
9-1-21 polizeiruf 110 münchen (tauber & obermaier) [W]: er sollte tot [W] ard mediathek
8-29-21 tatort frankfurt (janneke & brix) [W]: wer zögert, ist tot [W] ard mediathek
8-29-21 dark [W] - season 1, episodes 4 & 5 netflix
8-28-21 how not to highline: shawn snyder speaks out! (8/28/2021) youtube
8-27-21 terra x [W, youtube]:

8-27-21 tatort bremen [W]: im toten winkel [W] ard mediathek
8-26-21 deep look: this bee builds sandcastles at the beach (8/10/2021) youtube
8-26-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo) [W]: neuland [W] ard mediathek
dark [W] - season 1, episodes 1 - 3 netflix
8-24-21 slacklife (5/17/2008)
slacklife moab (6/11/2012)
8-23-21 stoner cats - episode 1 (stoned awakening) youtube
babylon berlin [W] - season 3 [W], episodes 5 - 7 netflix
8-21-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: der tag des jägers [W] ard mediathek
8-20-21 inside the fight to save an ancient forest (and the secrets it holds) [W]
(pbs terra (overview) 7/1/2021)
8-19-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: das letzte rennen [W] ard mediathek
8-18-21 tatort frankfurt (steier & mey) [W]: im namen des vaters [W] ard mediathek
8-17-21 how not to highline:
highlining 101: section 1 of 7 - buying guide (1/30/2021)
highlining 101: section 2 of 7 - preparing (2/6/2021)
mbs (minimum breaking strength) on climbing gear is a myth (8/11/2021)
highlines in the wind
(philip queen) (isa 10/14/2020)

lockdown series ep23 - memes with hai and philip
(hai thai & philip queen) (isa 5/17/2020)

8-15-21 what is it that moves you? (swiss-slackline.ch 1/29/2020) youtube
8-15-21 slackline international:
lockdown series ep24 - knee trouble with a physio
(daan nieuwenhuis & jonas konijnenberg) (5/19/2020)

lockdown series ep6 - trucos estáticos (english)
(andrea dattoli) (4/21/2020)

slackline accidents and incidents
(philipp gesing) (10/16/2020)
babylon berlin [W] - season 3 [W], episodes 2 - 4 netflix
8-12-21 tatort münchen [W]: sechs zum essen [W] ard mediathek
8-10-21 highlining california (slackline montréal 2010) youtube
8-10-21 tatort köln [W]: mördergrube [W] ard mediathek
8-9-21 tatort konstanz [W]: der polizistinnenmörder [W] ard mediathek
8-8-21 oktoberfest 1900 [W] - episode 1 netflix
8-7-21 kiss the ground [W] netflix
8-6-21 polizeiruf 110 rostock [W]: sabine [W] ard mediathek
8-6-21 lines between us (trickline collective 5/3/2021) youtube
8-5-21 lines without limits (trickline collective 5/20/2020) youtube
8-5-21 across the sky (camp4 collective)
moonwalk (reel water productions)
8-4-21 untethered (levi allen)
slacker (stept studios)
7-31-21 babylon berlin [W] - season 3 [W], episode 1 netflix
7-31-21 tatort stuttgart [W]: der mann, der lügt [W] ard mediathek
7-24-21 polizeiruf 110 münchen (von meuffels) [W]: schuld [W] ard mediathek
7-23-21 the big lebowski [W] netflix
7-23-21 tatort berlin (rubin & karow) [W]: das perfekte verbrechen [W] ard mediathek
7-21-21 tatort dresden [W]: auge um auge [W] ard mediathek
7-19-21 die welt des narendra modi [W] (regie: sophie lepault) youtube
7-18-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: leerstand [W] ard mediathek
7-17-21 the queen's gambit [W] - episode 1 (openings) netflix
7-16-21 tatort stuttgart [W]: die unsichtbare [W] ard mediathek
7-15-21 tatort stuttgart [W]: scherbenhaufen [W] ard mediathek
7-14-21 die neue welt des xi jinping (regie: sophie lepault) (arte de [W] 7/8/2021) youtube
7-14-21 polizeiruf 110 (lenski & raczek) [W]: grenzgänger [W] ard mediathek
7-13-21 sunshine (6/30/2021) youtube
7-12-21 polizeiruf 110 (lenski & krause) [W]: hexenjagd [W] ard mediathek
7-11-21 tatort kiel [W]: stirb und werde [W] ard mediathek
7-5-21 polizeiruf 110 münchen (von meuffels) [W]: denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun [W] ard mediathek
7-5-21 polizeiruf 110 münchen (von meuffels) [W]: und vergib uns unsere schuld [W] ard mediathek
7-4-21 tatort münster [W]: das ewig böse [W] ard mediathek
7-4-21 dean potter [W]: free solo climbing with a parachute (reel rock 5/16/2021) youtube
7-3-21 frontline [W]: germany's neo-nazis & the far right (6/29/2021) youtube
6-30-21 tatort hamburg (cenk batu) [W]: der weg ins paradies [W] ard mediathek
6-30-21 tatort stuttgart [W]: anne und der tod [W] ard mediathek
6-26-21 tatort münster [W]: herrenabend [W] ard mediathek
6-25-21 polizeiruf 110 münchen (eyckhoff) [W]: der ort, von dem die wolken kommen [W] ard mediathek
6-23-21 polizeiruf 110 münchen (eyckhoff) [W]: frau schrödingers katze [W] ard mediathek
6-20-21 polizeiruf 110 rostock [W]: im schatten [W] ard mediathek
6-18-21 tatort hamburg (stoever & brockmöller) [W]: undercover-camping [W] ard mediathek
6-17-21 wir sind die macht! – autonome in der rigaer straße
(kontraste – die reporter 9/29/2020)
[W: liebigstraße 34, rigaer 94]
6-17-21 treeline (patagonia 1/27/2019) youtube
6-14-21 tatort kiel [W]: borowski und das land zwischen den meeren [W] ard mediathek
6-14-21 veritasium [W]:
this is why we can't have nice things [W] (3/26/2021)
is success luck or hard work? [W] (8/28/2020)
math has a fatal flaw [W] (5/22/2021)
6-11-21 sörensen hat angst [W] ard mediathek
6-10-21 polizeiruf 110: der kreuzworträtselfall [W] ard mediathek
6-8-21 tatort frankfurt (janneke & brix) [W]: das monster von kassel [W] ard mediathek
6-6-21 polizeiruf 110 rostock [W]: feindbild [W] ard mediathek
6-4-21 my octopus teacher [W] netflix
6-4-21 hamming codes part 2, the elegance of it all [W]
(3blue1brown [W] 9/4/2020)
6-3-21 hamming codes and error correction [W]
(3blue1brown [W] 9/4/2020)
6-3-21 the impossible chessboard puzzle
(3blue1brown [W] 7/5/2020)
6-2-21 tatort kiel [W]: schichtwechsel [W] ard mediathek
6-2-21 the almost impossible chessboard puzzle
(stand-up maths [W] 7/5/2020)
6-1-21 polizeiruf 110 halle: an der saale hellem strande [W] ard mediathek
5-26-21 tatort dortmund [W]: monster [W] ard mediathek
5-25-21 tatort bremen (moormann, andersen & selb): neugeboren [W] ard mediathek
5-24-21 tatort münchen [W]: der tod ist unser ganzes leben [W] ard mediathek
5-23-21 tatort münchen [W]: die wahrheit [W] ard mediathek
5-23-21 tatort ludwigshafen [W]: der böse könig [W] ard mediathek
5-21-21 stick bombs und mathematik (jürgen richter-gebert [W] 7/4/2015) youtube
5-19-21 crazy rich asians [W] hbo max
5-18-21 no country for old men [W] hbo max
5-17-21 that damn michael che [W] - episode 3 (dudley gets shot) hbo max
5-17-21 catalog of unabashed gratitude
by ross gay [W] with music by bon iver [W]
5-14-21 a technical overview of the internet computer
(dfinity [W] 9/8/2020)
5-14-21 tatort münster [W]: das zweite gesicht [W] ard mediathek
5-12-21 that damn michael che [W] - episodes 1 (policin') & 2 (bourbon & water) hbo max
5-12-21 generation hustle - episode 6 (the alabama exit) hbo max
5-11-21 generation hustle - episode 5 (the 23 lives of jeremy wilson) hbo max
5-11-21 generation hustle - episode 10 (the party's over) hbo max
5-10-21 generation hustle - episode 4 (anna delvey takes manhattan) [W] hbo max
5-10-21 that damn michael che [W] - episode 5 (well played, crackers) hbo max
5-9-21 generation hustle - episode 3 (a scam with a beat) [W] hbo max
5-9-21 generation hustle - episode 2 (cult of wework) [W] hbo max
5-9-21 that damn michael che [W] - episode 4 (sex worker) hbo max
5-8-21 generation hustle - episode 1 (hollywood con queen) [W] hbo max
5-6-21 tatort münster [W]: rhythm and love [W] ard mediathek
5-4-21 tatort hamburg (cenk batu) [W]: auf der sonnenseite [W] ard mediathek
5-3-21 tatort stuttgart [W]: blutgeld [W] ard mediathek
ija jugglers [W]:
juggling in afghanistan (4/28/2020)
lisa komatsubara (new zealand) (4/7/2021)
circus luminescence (united states) (1/13/2021)
endrina avila & jim nava barrios (venezuela) (8/19/2020)
eric jackson (united states) (7/29/2020)
sookie (france) (2/12/2020)
bar story show (russia) (6/7/2019)
daniela corradi (argentina/brazil) (3/13/2019)
jessica savalla (brazil) (8/28/2018)
4-29-21 tatort münster [W]: es lebe der könig! [W] ard mediathek
4-28-21 the new yorker:
águilas (4/14/2021)
the day the san francisco sky turned orange (4/20/2021)
the n.r.a.'s leader and his wife shooting elephants (4/27/2021)
4-26-21 sternstunde philosophie: matthieu ricard [W]
im gespräch mit barbara bleisch [W] (srf kultur 7/16/2015)
4-25-21 polizeiruf 110 magdeburg [W]: der verurteilte [W] ard mediathek
4-23-21 frontline [W]: china's covid secrets youtube
4-23-21 polizeiruf 110 (lenski & raczek) [W]: das beste für mein kind [W] ard mediathek
4-21-21 is recycling worth it anymore? the truth is complicated (npr 4/21/2021) youtube
4-21-21 pflege ist #nichtselbstverständlich [W] (joko & klaas [W] 3/31/2021) youtube
4-21-21 rezo zerstört corona-politik (4/5/2021) youtube
4-18-21 tatort (falke & grosz) [W]: macht der familie [W] ard mediathek
4-17-21 frontline [W]: american insurrection youtube
4-16-21 schattenwelten berlin - rave und rausch ard mediathek
4-16-21 tatort münchen [W]: klingelingeling [W] ard mediathek
4-13-21 tatort münchen [W]: die ewige welle [W] ard mediathek
4-12-21 tatort münster [W]: mörderspiele [W] ard mediathek
4-11-21 made for love [W], episode 1 hbo max
4-10-21 tatort münster [W]: gott ist auch nur ein mensch [W] ard mediathek
4-9-21 what's next in virus detection and vaccine tech?
(michael snyder, stanford online 2/14/2021)
4-8-21 chennai poromboke paadal ft. tm krishna [W]
(vettiver collective 1/14/2017)
4-7-21 tatort saarbrücken (schürk und hölzer) [W]: der herr des waldes [W] ard mediathek
4-6-21 tatort saarbrücken (schürk und hölzer) [W]: das fleißige lieschen [W] ard mediathek
4-4-21 q: into the storm [W], episode 6 hbo max
4-4-21 q: into the storm [W], episode 5 hbo max
4-4-21 project 282 vimeo
4-2-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: der frühe abschied [W] ard mediathek
4-1-21 q: into the storm [W], episodes 1 - 4 hbo max
3-31-21 nausicaä of the valley of the wind [W] hbo max
3-31-21 alexander wiener - wiener variation #91b (3/27/2021) youtube
3-30-21 why (do i hike) (nikola horvat-tesla 10/21/2020) youtube
3-28-21 tatort münster [W]: wolfsstunde [W] ard mediathek
3-21-21 tatort köln [W]: wie alle anderen auch [W] ard mediathek
3-19-21 tatort kiel [W]: borowski und der engel [W] ard mediathek
3-15-21 polizeiruf 110 rostock [W]: sabine [W] ard mediathek
3-14-21 tatort berlin (rubin & karow) [W]: dein name sei harbinger [W] ard mediathek
3-12-21 tatort köln [W]: der tod der anderen [W] ard mediathek
3-11-21 confused about vaccines? a bioengineer breaks down the science
(markus covert / stanford engineering 3/2/2021)
3-11-21 decision time for castilleja (palo alto online) youtube
3-10-21 tatort münchen [W]: häschen in der grube [W] ard mediathek
3-9-21 tatort münchen [W]: tod auf der walz [W] ard mediathek
3-7-21 tatort kiel [W]: borowski und die angst der weißen männer [W] ard mediathek
3-6-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: janus [W] ard mediathek
3-6-21 ash land (oregon shakespeare festival) online
3-5-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: das böse [W] ard mediathek
3-5-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: frauenmorde [W] ard mediathek
3-4-21 tatort kiel [W]: borowski und das haus der geister [W] ard mediathek
3-4-21 tatort zürich [W]: züri brännt [W] srf.ch
3-4-21 stanford live
2-28-21 tatort zürich [W]: schoggiläbe [W] srf.ch
2-28-21 tatort saarbrücken (kappl & deininger) [W]: hilflos [W] ard mediathek
2-27-21 nightschool: california grizzlies [W]
(california academy of sciences [W] 2/25/2021)
(rebekah kim, moe flannery, peter alagona, alexis mychajliw)
2-26-21 my journey mapping the uncharted world
(tawanda kanhema [W], ted salon, november 2020)
2-26-21 what you can do to prevent alzheimer's
(lisa genova [W] @ ted, vancouver, bc, april 2017)
2-26-21 a guerilla gardener in south central la
(ron finley [W] @ ted, long beach, ca, february 2013)
2-26-21 walk the earth ... my 17-year vow of silence
(john francis [W] @ ted, monterey, ca, february 2008)
2-25-21 insights into pomo and wappo basketry with clint mckay
(pepperwood preserve 2/23/2021)
2-24-21 tatort frankfurt (dellwo & sänger) [W]: der tote chinese [W] ard mediathek
2-24-21 wild wonders – mushrooms & fungi (pepperwood preserve 2/12/2021) youtube
2-23-21 echtes leben: jung, jüdisch, weiblich ard mediathek
2-23-21 tatort dortmund [W]: heile welt [W] ard mediathek
2-22-21 tatort berlin (ritter & stark) [W]: todesbrücke [W] ard mediathek
2-21-21 tatort kiel [W]: borowski und das glück der anderen [W] ard mediathek
2-20-21 #trending:
proud boys in den usa (19.01.2021)
ausschreitungen und polizeigewalt in frankreich (16.12.2020)
die neue macht der porno-industrie (08.09.2020)
2-20-21 auslandsjournal [W] vom 17. februar 2021 zdf.de
2-19-21 markus lanz [W] vom 16. februar 2021
mit corinna milborn [W], helene bubrowski, norbert röttgen [W],
roland bernhard [W], und elmar theveßen [W]
2-18-21 rep. stacey plaskett [W] presents video evidence during the
second impeachment trial of donald trump [W] (nbc news 2/10/2021)
2-17-21 slow zoom: billie eilish answers increasingly personal questions [W] vanityfair.com
2-17-21 pedacito de la tierra (alight & burners without borders 2/6/2021) youtube
vikings [W] - season 6 [W], episodes 13 - 20 amazon prime video
2-15-21 harnessing humor as a secret weapon
(jennifer aaker [W] & naomi bagdonas, stanford gsb 12/4/2020)
2-9-21 advent of code: behind the scenes
(eric wastl @ leetspeak 10/19/2019)
2-9-21 vikings [W] - season 6 [W], episode 12 amazon prime video
2-8-21 tatort dresden [W]: rettung so nah [W] ard mediathek
2-7-21 vikings [W] - season 6 [W], episode 11 amazon prime video
2-7-21 wiener variation #15b (acroduoballet 2/5/2021)
podgorica my choice
2-5-21 tatort stuttgart [W]: spiel auf zeit [W] ard mediathek
2-5-21 glitterbomb 3.0 vs. porch pirates (mark rober 12/16/2020) youtube
2-4-21 building the perfect squirrel proof bird feeder (mark rober 5/24/2020) youtube
2-4-21 tatort (falke & grosz) [W]: die goldene zeit [W] ard mediathek
2-3-21 district 15 – stop neighborhood oil drilling (patagonia 2/26/2020) youtube
2-3-21 frontline [W]: trump's american carnage pbs.org
2-3-21 connected by water – the story behind the big wave safety movement
(patagonia 12/2/2020)
2-2-21 tatort münchen [W]: außer gefecht [W] ard mediathek
2-2-21 garlic is as good as ten mothers [W] youtube
2-2-21 solving for z – a calculus of risk (patagonia & tgr 12/10/2020) youtube
2-1-21 tatort berlin (rubin & karow) [W]: das muli [W] ard mediathek
1-31-21 polizeiruf 110 (lenski & raczek) [W]: monstermutter [W] ard mediathek
1-30-21 tatort berlin (rubin & karow) [W]: ein paar worte nach mitternacht [W] ard mediathek
1-29-21 dyatlov pass incident [W]:
explaining the icy mystery of the dyatlov pass deaths
(nature video 1/28/2021)
using science to explain the mysterious dyatlov pass incident
(epfl 1/28/2021)
mechanisms of slab avalanche release and impact in the dyatlov pass incident in 1959 (johan gaume & alexander puzrin in communications earth & environment 1/28/2021)
has science solved one of history’s greatest adventure mysteries?
(robin george andrews in national geographic 1/28/2021)
1-29-21 euphoria [W] special episode - part 2: jules hbo max
1-29-21 polizeiruf 110 rostock [W]: dunkler zwilling [W] ard mediathek
1-28-21 tatort (falke & grosz) [W]: tödliche flut [W] ard mediathek
1-28-21 tatort stuttgart [W]: das ist unser haus [W] ard mediathek
1-27-21 tatort leipzig (ehrlicher & kain) [W]: sonnenfinsternis [W] ard mediathek
1-26-21 tatort münster [W]: der doppelte lott [W] ard mediathek
1-24-21 tatort leipzig [W] & köln [W]: quartett in leipzig [W] ard mediathek
1-23-21 markus lanz [W] vom 20. januar 2021
mit elmar theveßen [W], claus kleber [W],
svenja flaßpöhler [W], und marcel fratzscher [W]
1-21-21 tatort köln [W]: kinder der gewalt [W] ard mediathek
1-16-21 tatort münster [W]: krumme hunde [W] ard mediathek
1-16-21 numberphile [W]: look-and-say numbers [W]
feat. john conway [W] (8/8/2014)
1-15-21 markus lanz [W] vom 12. januar 2021
mit elmar theveßen [W], klaus brinkbäumer [W],
julius van de laar, helga rübsamen-schaeff [W],
und ulrike koock
1-13-21 tatort hannover [W]: ... es wird trauer sein und schmerz [W] ard mediathek
1-8-21 markus lanz [W] vom 7. januar 2021
mit elmar theveßen [W], john kornblum [W], john bolton [W],
susan neiman [W], bodo ramelow [W], alena buyx [W],
martin machowecz [W], und dirk brockmann [W]
1-5-21 tatort berlin (ritter & stark) [W]: hitchcock und frau wernicke [W] ard mediathek
1-4-21 through greenland - with nikolaj coster-waldau [W]: episode 1 apple tv
1-3-21 tatort weimar [W]: der feine geist [W] ard mediathek
1-1-21 the matrix [W] amazon prime video