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4-9-20 tatort münster [W]: väterchen frost [W] ard mediathek
4-8-20 frontline [W] - china undercover pbs.org
4-8-20 night will fall [W] ard mediathek
4-7-20 tatort dresden [W]: déjà-vu [W] ard mediathek
4-5-20 tatort dresden [W]: die zeit ist gekommen [W] ard mediathek
4-3-20 tatort münster [W]: ein fuß kommt selten allein [W] ard mediathek
4-3-20 markus lanz [W] vom 2. april 2020
(mit manuela schwesig [W], winfried kretschmann [W],
walter kohl [W], karoline preisler, und linus neumann [W])
4-2-20 the lorax project
4-2-20 markus lanz [W] vom 1. april 2020
(mit markus söder [W], karl lauterbach [W], sandra navidi [W],
eric wrede, und carolin hofmann)
4-1-20 tatort dresden [W]: das nest [W] ard mediathek
4-1-20 snowflake
changing course
3-31-20 tatort münster [W]: spieglein, spieglein [W] ard mediathek
3-30-20 vikings [W] - season 6 [W], episode 1 amazon prime video
3-29-20 tatort dortmund [W]: schwerelos [W] ard mediathek
3-29-20 tatort dortmund [W]: hydra [W] ard mediathek
3-29-20 tatort münster [W]: feierstunde [W] ard mediathek
3-28-20 tatort münchen [W]: ki [W] ard mediathek
3-27-20 tatort münchen [W]: schneetreiben [W] ard mediathek
3-26-20 tatort münster [W]: eine leiche zu viel [W] ard mediathek
3-25-20 tatort münchen [W]: nie wieder frei sein [W] ard mediathek
3-24-20 tatort münster [W]: fangschuss [W] ard mediathek
3-23-20 tatort münchen [W]: wir sind die guten [W] ard mediathek
3-22-20 tatort münster [W]: der fluch der mumie [W] ard mediathek
3-22-20 tatort münster [W]: die chinesische prinzessin [W] ard mediathek
3-22-20 zdf-history: nena - eine deutsche legende [W] zdf.de
3-17-20 tatort münchen [W]: a gmahde wiesn [W] br mediathek
3-16-20 fluffy [W] goes to india youtube
3-15-20 tatort münchen [W]: die wahrheit [W] ard mediathek
3-15-20 fluffy [W] goes to india youtube
3-14-20 tatort weimar [W]: die fette hoppe [W] ard mediathek
3-12-20 tatort münster [W]: satisfaktion [W] wdr mediathek
3-10-20 tatort münster [W]: tempelräuber [W] br mediathek
3-9-20 tatort dortmund [W]: monster [W] daserste.de
3-8-20 tatort dortmund [W]: tollwut [W] daserste.de
3-7-20 tatort hamburg [W]: alles was sie sagen [W] daserste.de
3-6-20 tatort hamburg [W]: querschläger [W] daserste.de
3-5-20 tatort münchen [W]: der oide depp [W] br mediathek
3-4-20 tatort münchen [W]: unklare lage [W] daserste.de
3-3-20 tatort münster [W]: schlangengrube [W] daserste.de
3-3-20 tatort münster [W]: lakritz [W] daserste.de
3-2-20 electric greg youtube
3-1-20 zdf reportage - abenteuer zugspitze [W] zdf.de
3-1-20 jojo rabbit [W] amazon prime video
2-29-20 knives out [W] amazon prime video
2-28-20 once upon a time in hollywood [W] amazon prime video
2-24-20 tatort münster [W]: der fluch der mumie [W] br mediathek
2-23-20 a nordic skater (per sollerman)
the flip (remi angeli)
danny daycare (danny macaskill)
good morning (richard permin)
hors piste [vimeo]
surfer dan (dan schetter)
thabang (thabang madiba)
2-23-20 in the loop (jake archibald @ jsconf asia) (1/27/2018) youtube
2-22-20 joker [W] amazon prime video
2-22-20 what the heck is the event loop anyway?
(philip roberts @ jsconf eu) (10/9/2014)
2-18-20 parasite [W] amazon prime video
2-10-20 polyglot webassembly [W]
(surma @ view source 2019) (mozilla hacks) (11/29/2019)
2-10-20 10 things i hate about animation
(brian birtles @ mozilla developer roadshow, seoul) (1/21/2020)
2-10-20 the opioid epidemic [W]: from freud to fentanyl with anna lembke
(stanford alumni) (10/31/2019)
2-8-20 dirtbag: the legend of fred beckey [W] amazon prime video
2-3-20 the imaginary line (8/25/2019) youtube
2-3-20 3blue1brown [W]:
the most unexpected answer to a counting puzzle (1/13/2019)
why do colliding blocks compute pi? (1/20/2019)
how colliding blocks act like a beam of light ... to compute pi (2/3/2019)
2-3-20 numberphile [W]: a prime surprise (mertens conjecture) [W]
(holly krieger [W]) (1/23/2020)
2-3-20 numberphile [W]: a strange map projection (euler spiral) [W]
(hannah fry [W]) (11/13/2018)
2-3-20 writing secure javascript code
(guy podjarny @ view source 2017)
(mozilla hacks) (11/27/2017)
1-19-20 angle between radius vector and tangent (hindi & english)
(anil kumar) (11/29/2018)
1-18-20 the golden ratio spiral [W]: visual infinite descent [W]
(mathologer [W]) (5/11/2018)
1-17-20 how to keep an open secret with mathematics [W]
(standupmaths [W]) (12/31/2019)
1-17-20 binary, hanoi [W], and sierpinski [W], part 2
(3blue1brown [W]) (11/25/2016)
1-16-20 binary, hanoi [W], and sierpinski [W], part 1
(3blue1brown [W]) (11/25/2016)
1-16-20 ramanujan's infinite root and its crazy cousins [W]
(mathologer [W]) (9/10/2016)
1-16-20 wau: the most amazing, ancient, and singular number
(vihart [W]) (2/9/2012)
1-16-20 infinite fractions [W] and the most irrational number [W]
(mathologer [W]) (7/30/2016)
1-16-20 what's so special about euler's number e? [W]
(essence of calculus, chapter 5)
(3blue1brown [W]) (5/2/2017)
1-16-20 understanding e to the i pi in 3.14 minutes
(3blue1brown [W]) (7/7/2019)
1-16-20 euler's formula with introductory group theory
(3blue1brown [W]) (3/3/2017)
1-15-20 letters from an indian clerk [W] amazon prime video
1-15-20 mathologer [W]: e to the pi i [W] for dummies (12/24/2015) youtube
1-14-20 numberphile [W]: the last digit of prime numbers (5/4/2016) youtube
1-14-20 numberphile [W]: consecutive coin flips (6/8/2016) youtube
1-14-20 ted-ed: the coin flip conundrum (2/15/2018) youtube
1-12-20 visualizing the riemann hypothesis [W] and analytic continuation
(3blue1brown [W]) (12/9/2016)
1-12-20 but what is a neural network? (deep learning, chapter 1)
(3blue1brown [W]) (10/5/2017)
1-10-20 counting from infinity:
yitang zhang [W] and the twin prime conjecture
1-10-20 large gaps between primes [W]
(numberphile / james maynard [W]) (7/19/2017)
1-9-20 primes without a 7
(numberphile / james maynard [W]) (11/20/2019)
1-9-20 riemann hypothesis [W]
(numberphile / edward frenkel [W]) (3/11/2014)
1-9-20 small and large gaps between the primes [W]
(terence tao [W] @ ucla) (10/7/2014)
1-9-20 twin prime conjecture [W]
(numberphile / james maynard [W]) (4/13/2017)
1-9-20 gaps between primes [W]
(numberphile) (5/27/2013)
1-9-20 pi hiding in prime regularities [W]
(3blue1brown [W]) (5/19/2017)
1-8-20 the world's best mathematician
(numberphile / terence tao [W]) (3/14/2017)
1-3-20 but why is a sphere's surface area four times its shadow? [W]
(3blue1brown [W]) (12/2/2018)