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A Dog (August 1994)

Drawn by, addicted to human company
A girl to cure this loneliness, please
Order yourself one to hold you
When you're shivering in bed at night
When you're drugged and scared
Or serve yourself man's best friend
As they say, not quite human, but ...

A dog to keep the imaginary intruders away
A dog with a wet nose rubbing you
A dog who loves you when you pet him
A dog who after ten years
Of accompanying you through hell
Your hell and his
Will mount every second bitch in the park
In some big park littered with the garbage
Of three thousand years of humanity
A park in the eternal city
A city in which you can feel
Every second of the fifteen hundred years
Since the decline of the Roman Empire

A dog, in and out of that bitch
In the Kubrickian sense
In a couple seconds
Before the old man comes running after him
Yelling, telling him to get off
A couple seconds in ten years
Dog years too
Maybe eleven, I can't remember
Poor fucker